Necromania: Trap of Darkness

Omens appeared in the sky under the rule of mighty king Ragnar and foretold the oncoming destruction of Necromania.

Driven to please a dark lord, the evil minions of Necromania scramble to collect the keys necessary to free their dark master from his supernatural bonds and win his favor forever. Each despicable servant possesses inherent magical powers to aid them on their wicked quest to unleash a horrifying evil into the world and doom mankind.

· Seven unique minions of Ragnar to choose from; each equipped with deadly traps and unique powers.
· Players improve the skills of their hero as they complete levels and gain experience.
· Multiplayer mode brings new tactical options for players in fierce fights against 2–7 players over LAN or Internet.
· Players lay traps and take advantage of the terrain (labyrinths) to achieve victory against numerous opponents and vermin that populate every level.
· A powerful AI, diverse maps with random item spawning and combinations of dark competitors ensure long hours of diverse gameplay.
· Players race to collect power boosts that increase combat abilities or temporarily grant powers to aid them in collecting the three pieces of the skull key.
· The inherent randomness and frantic gameplay makes it impossible to win the same way twice.

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