Sokomania 2: Cool Job

The work of a warehouse keeper never demanded such a high IQ!

Release Date (USA): Thursday, 8 May 2014
Platform: DSiWare
Price: 200 Nintendo DSi Points

Will you earn the cool job?

Sokomania 2 enhances the popular gameplay principles of sokoban with lots of new dynamic features. The traditional maze full of crates that have to be pushed to the right spots is just a warm-up in Sokomania 2. Everything changes the instant momentum comes into play, crates start to move on their own, corridors of the warehouse become divided with doors, and switches or turntables that can change the direction crates move appear on the floor. In times like these, you have to think hard or patiently experiment with various possibilities.

Levels are arranged by their difficulty allowing players to gradually adopt new gameplay features and their combinations. The warehouse keeper can be walked around with the control pad and there is an interactive map of the whole warehouse available on the bottom screen that can be used to promptly inspect any corner of the level. The objective of the warehouse keeper is to place all crates on the target squares in as few steps as possible. Those who want to find an optimal solution will certainly appreciate the time loop feature. It enables you to “rewind” the recording of the warehouse events any time so that you can try another approach.

Sokomania 2 allows for up to three separate game profiles to be created and also generates a unique game code for each player that can be submitted to a website and entered into the global leaderboard. The total score can be improved by returning to an already completed level and finding a better solution.

Analyze, focus, think, and find the best solution in the right time. Compare your skills with others!

In short:
• 100 levels of different sizes and difficulties
• new dynamic gameplay features: doors, pressure and movement floor switches, turntables
• 2 types of target squares: transit and freezing
• regular crates and crates with momentum in one or two axes
• interactive map allowing players to inspect the whole level
• time-shifting to go back in time
• 3 profiles and a unique game code for the global leaderboard

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Sokomania 2: Cool Job
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