I am Nicholas Farepoynt and they call me The beasts hunter. I am Haresh al Dorem called The one who speaks with the Dead men.

Sometimes they just enter to my dreams and my wounds are gaping again. The waking up has always been the same – an unfamiliar chamber and a strange enemy town beyond my window.
Fresh hot blood runs out of the wounds in my open hands, terrifying silence and loneliness surround me. So I sit in darkness waiting for the next day. For the day when I will perhaps have to go there to meet them again. But so is my mission, my destiny. Chasing the worst human creatures, monsters and freaks. Tracking and killing murderers of children, poisoners of city wells, arsonist who burn houses with peacefully sleeping innocent families inside.

Daemonica is a fully 3D dark action adventure which takes place in medieval England. The principal character Nicholas Farepoynt comes in 1350 to a small middle of nowhere town to investigate some very strange vanishings of local citizens. Very soon he finds the first dead bodies. Dread and madness start to spread among all the citizens. Thanks to his ability to speak with the dead men Fareypont is a skilled hunter of serial killers and could deal with such confusing situation.

• Catching and breath-taking story
• Many interesting and credible characters
• Detailed realistic 3D environments
• Action combats very easy to command and master
• Potion preparing and production
• Talking with the dead men
• Many optional tasks
• Different endings

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DigitalEntertainmentNews – 90 %
"A supremely wonderful adventure game with some dark subject matter. Though it has some faults, they are very small and don't really detract from the great story. Get this if you love a good mystery adventure."

Game Vortex – 82 %
"Daemonica is best described as an interactive gothic murder mystery. Fans of point and click adventure games or players looking for a more relaxing game with an engaging story would do well to check it out. You can buy the game in stores or download it directly. A free demo is also offered."

Game First! – 80 %

Gameshacking – 80 %

Gamezone.com – 79 %



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