Commando: Steel Disaster

Commando is a shooting game based on a futuristic military theme.

Release Date (Europe): Thursday, 22 Dec 2011
Release Date (US): Thursday, 9 Aug 2012
Platform: DSiWare
Price: 800 Nintendo DSi Points

Various sectors of a military group report being attacked by some of their own war machines and that a terrorist organization led by a man named Rattlesnake is at the center of each attack. A commando and vehicle specialist code-named Storm is assigned to enter each affected area and progressively stop Rattlesnake’s ambitions.

· Excellent visuals and game graphics for an effective appearance!
· Very fluent and smooth gameplay!
· Very intense battle scenes!
· Many interesting foes and exciting bosses!

Developed by Mana computer software co.,ltd. and Cinemax.

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All about Commando: Steel Disaster on – 80 %
Stellar controls that subtly improve on the Metal Slug formula. Fast, responsive, and a leading cause of STS: Sore Thumb Syndrome... of Metal Slug and other pound-you-into-the-ground, never-let-you-win shooters will appreciate what the developers have done with this game.



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