Evil Days of Luckless John

Johnny Majer again in action! Plenty of funny moments.

Do not miss this crazy adventure game! This adventure brings you a modern technical style with no compromises, an astonishing story and impressive dubbing.

This is a story of Johnny Majer (grandpa of luckless fellow Honza Majer) who by ordinance becomes a sole heir of the Snake City casino. Freaky 3D comics adventure waits for you, full of novel good humour, comic situations, unexpeted unravellings, action intermezzo minigames (gunfights, car and tractor races) and puzzles.

Evil Days of Luckless John game includes many adventure components. The player can look forward to a plenty of action minigames and sequences, complicated logical puzzles and even more complicated puzzles that are far from being logical. As Johnny Majer you will climb up the roofs, fall down to abysses, chase in car races, drive tractor crazily, shoot to everything that moves (until it stops moving), search for things forgotten a long time ago, look for questions and find answers, get lost in labyrints. But above all...

... above all you will have to meet Ursug. He is waiting somewhere in the darkness, behind the corner of the last lost way diversion. He is waiting patiently and just for you. Waiting and cleaning his glasses. As soon as you approach him, lets play a little game with him. Ursug Sépéši, retired former athlete and now a guard of an eternal secret mystery, enjoys little games sooo much he would die for them...

• modern 3D style with a powerful engine
• real physical analog
• car driving and races
• puzzles and action minigames

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