Solitaire Fever HD

Buy the game, get updates, have fun!

The most versatile Solitaire collection ever for your iPad!

Solitaire Fever HD is not “just another solitaire game”. It’s a platform for every single solitaire out there. It’s a game that brings infinite fun for just one buy.

Buy the game, get updates, have fun!

Every two weeks, at least one new game comes to Solitaire Fever HD. And more! Mini-games! Special modes! New features. No more money spent - just one buy and getting all updates for free.

For now you can find five classic games in Solitaire Fever HD:
✓ Klondike (deal 1 / deal 3 cards)
✓ Spider (1 / 2 / 4 colors)
✓ Free Cell
✓ Double-deck Klondike (deal 1 / deal 3 cards)
✓ Spiderette (1 / 2 / 4 colors)

Other features:
✓ Built-in help with animated rules
✓ Decent sound effects
✓ Listen your own music while playing!
✓ Drag and drop cards, or use Sticky Controls for easier game-play

And more to come!

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