Puzzle Rocks

Match colors and shapes in this turn-based stress-free casual game.

Take your time to find the best strategy, improve your moves and make as many matches as possible during a single to turn to raise your score.

Question one: How to keep your brain active during the holiday break?
Answer: Play Puzzle Rocks! Stop the falling stones!

Question two: Do you have what it takes to get through 27 various levels?
Answer: We will see.

· 27 various levels combining 6 different shapes with 6 colors into brain-teaser
· Combos with explosive lighting and sound effects
· Many hours of entertainment
· Record of best scores for each level
· Original soundtrack

PC version

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iPhone version

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How to play?

1 The falling stones
Every turn a single stone will begin to descend. The numbers above the stones indicate how many turns it will take for each of the stones to start moving.

2 Sliding of the four stone rows
You can move any of the four stone rows to any side. This can be done only if there's no overlaying stone in the way. Moving any row ends the current turn.

3 Scoring
Your goal is to match both the color and shape on both the overlaying and the bottom stone. If you match multiple stones in one turn your score is multiplied. If an overlaying stone moves over a stone of the same shape but different color it becomes "locked". You can unlock it by moving another stone over it.

4 Back to game
Stones that are not matched end up in the bottom row. If another stone enters that tile the former stone is destroyed and removed while your score is lowered. However if there's an opening in the top row above such stone you can tap it to move back into play.

5 Ending of level
If you want to end the current turn without taking any action you can tap the higlighted area. The slider above this area shows your progress. If you make it all the way to the right side you win. If the slider drops to the very left side you lose. Taping the slider brings out an ingame menu.

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You Tube: Ingame Video

You Tube: Level 16



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