hexee—smash the match

Do you love match-three games? Now it’s time for something new!

An innovative match-three game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The classic design allows players to move individual elements around to create harmonic groups. In hexee, you just have to carefully watch the elements move, and when the time is right—when they form at least a group of three—blast them without mercy. And how about making them stop moving and changing their colour? All you have to do is tighten them with a screw at a convenient place and wait until a few more of their friends come by. Just relax and take it easy…

· 72-level Campaign, 4 special Challenge levels and an endless Zen mode.
· 91 achievements, 20 leaderboards and online national leaderboards.
· An original Hip Hop King 11-song soundtrack.
· Bonuses granted for special patterns.
· An experimentally innovative match-three game with dynamic tiles that can be stopped to create unicoloured groups and shapes.
· A special-coloured scheme for the 10% group of colour blind men (women suffer from this disorder rarely).
· Premium indie game: Does not include hidden IAP & Ads.

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Official website smashthematch.com
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