Bugs Escape 3D

Explore up to 160 levels with graded difficulty of levels and colourful 3D environments! Challenge and rack your brain!

Authors of this game have adopted the idea and basic logics from the first part of this game called Berusky. However, the technological site of Bugs Escape 3D has made a huge progress and the 3D environment brings now many advantages to the players.
Apart from free and smooth rotation and zooming of the camera you will appreciate the main distinction – completelly new 3D structure of the logical puzzles. Thanks to this new 3D technology you can deal with even the most complicated riddles just in a very small areas.
The game brings new logical elements, a story accompanied by a comics-like strip cartoon, various 3D environments, water areas and other new surprises. Bugs Escape now guarantee hundreds of amusing moments and hours while you try to solve the 3D riddles, puzzles and brain-teasers.

• Logical game good enough to challenge a real genre expert
• Colorful 3D environments: 10 different topics, 160 levels
• Modern and powerful realtime 3D engine for well arranged visualization of every level and its surroundings
• Original compositions – more than an hour of music

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