State of War 2: Arcon

RTS made in the style of old good school wears a modern damn saucy jacket.

This game is a duty for hard core strategists while it also provides an optimal push-off for all RTS beginners! This RTS based game adds new futuristic fable to well known war stories. All the wars are over and powerful corporations reliant on armament industry are now creating mass entertainment for milions of players. Planets formerly used for military training are ones again full of tanks and giant walkers (robots)... The lives of milions of soldiers and civilists are not concerned and endangered this time. Bilions of money spent during the virtual war game – that is the point!

A very powerful company brings a new approach: they have linked the unique environment of military training dedicated planets with Neuronet technology. As a result we face a new type of a war game, where people fight against each other using remotelly controled units and machines. The planetary system Nakira meets perfectly the demands of such project, which was launched right after a little tuning of some planets. Very soon the game has managed to earn enough money for supporting and restoring the whole planetary system.

The whole show was called ARTIFICIAL CONFLICTS by the operators, which the players have quickly short cut to ARCON, calling themselves „arconauts“. The phenomenon of ARCON had very soon attracted milions of active players and bilions of passive spectators, so the community needed new arenas and new game modifications. The planetary system Nakira has become an entertainment centre of the whole Tarelan republic, daily welcoming crowds of players, spectators and particularly... lots of money.

Game characteristics
· realtime strategy (RTS) from old school with a modern visual elements
· transparent and easy to operate game for RTS beginers
· duty for all experienced zkušené hardcore players who recall the StarCraft and Command&Conquer series
· well-developed micromanagement of military units
· RPG based system of upgrades
· original rules while conquering new regions
· monumental war turmoil without massacre and bloodshed
· robotic future e-sport = virtual war on terramorfed planets

Technical specifications
· game for 1 up to 4 players
· 32 large in detail rendered maps with a smooth zoom
· 8 different environments with an altitude based variations (green vegetation, desert, ice, snow, stones, volcanos, ...)
· 9 game principles for single player
· multiplayer mode
· campaign on 25 maps; separate battles on 32 maps
· dozens more buildings, ground and air units
· special destructive weapons (saturation bombing, satellite stroke...)
· original soundtrack

Backstage info
· this game is being developed in cooperation of two teams: Cypron Studios + Cinemax
· the game presents a compilation of these original projects: continuation of State Of War (Cypron Studios, game engine, AI) and Corporation.5 (Cinemax, design and game system)
· an impressive soundtrack performed by Martin Linda (Daemonica, Bugs Escape 3D, Inquisitor, Numen...)

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